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At DanceBugs, each of our dance classes give children the chance to express themselves and bring out their creative ability all inside a pressure-free environment! In fact, our Dance Studios have all the equipment necessary for children to develop their skills and reach their full potential, which is always one of our main aims.


Children will learn a variety of dance genres and how to perform the individual movement within those genres. With over 10 different genres available from Cheerleading to Hip-Hop to Ballet to Jazz there are options that suit almost any child needs.


Not only will our dance classes allow talented individuals to progress their skills, but our teachers always look to encourage children to take part in our fun-filled activity sessions. No longer will you as a parent need to ask the question “Where is a dance class near me” with our Dance Academy Classes available throughout the week and even the weekend all around the West Midlands!


Even if your child is a first-time mover, our class will give your child the confidence to learn and grow as a team and have fun together, with less emphasis on getting each dance routine perfect its a great introduction for to dance for young children all around Birmingham and the West Midlands!


We want to get younger children involved at any opportunity which is why our KS1 classes are mixed with story elements to help engage the age group and get the most out of our dance classes. With themes of exploration including fairies, wild animals and much more we have found the perfect balance that makes each DanceBugs Class so exciting to take part in!


For our older age groups, we teach children the importance of rhythm and timing in dance so that they can progress through their IDTA Qualifications and climb the ladder of Dance!


With all the fun still included in these classes, children can get a taste of how real Dance Academy runs, through memorising movements, perfecting movements and combining movements to showcase at end of term performances this is a fantastic way for each child to learn and progress!


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Look how talented this young dancer is… (Dancechoreography)

At DanceBugs there is nothing we love to see more than kids enjoying themselves and showcasing their dance moves, so we were really happy to see this video of a child playing with their imagination and creating something amazing.


With over 50M views already on the video, it really shows the power of dance in today’s world which we are proud to see. At DanceBugs we encourage kids to add their own creativity in each class just like the dancer in the video, because that’s what dance is all about.


The “Flossing” and “Shoot” dance moves are something that make each dance routine more exciting to watch and something we see all the time in our DanceBugs sessions.

How is it that children make these moves look so easy?



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