We have a variety of dance styles for your child to learn at DanceBugs



Children will learn gymnastic skills including cart wheels, handstands, bridges, splits, back bends, aerials, back tucks, headstands, forward/backward rolls, elbow balances, forward/backwards walkovers and much more. Group and partner tricks are also included in the class as well as working towards our annual show. The classes follow the acrobatic arts syllabus where the children will learn floor work, travelling sequences, balances, skills, flexibility, strength and much more.


Children will learn the two different types of Freestyle dance; Slow and Fast. These both include acro tricks, and progressive movements such as spins, leaps, kicks and jumps. Testing their flexibility, stamina and strength. This dance style is great for agility, speed and confidence. Children will be required to have bare feet at all times during this class.

Technical Jazz:

Similar to freestyle this class includes, spins, turns, leaps and jumps which is taught in technical corner work, to then be incorporated into a routine. Each week children will progress learning harder steps and more technical sequences. The children will be asked to wear Jazz shoes or bare feet to ensure safety when practicing this style. These classes will consist of corner work, center work, floor work and combinations and routines.


This style is a lot slower and more expressive. Children will be learning a variety of movements from Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham techniques, including floor work, expansion, contraction, opposition, weight shifting, co-ordination and strength in the core and torso. They will learn to connect with the music, using expression to tell a story whilst they are dancing, allowing them to connect much better with an audience. Bare feet or foot thongs are required for this class. These lessons allow the children to start to learn how to connect to music emotionally with facial expressions and free expressive movements.


This genre of dance is like a wide umbrella with many styles coming from it. During our street classes children will learn styles like ‘Pop n Lock’ isolating certain parts of the body, creating a robot effect. ‘Commercial’ is another style taught in this class. This will be to upbeat, chart based pop music, learning age appropriate current steps and movement, keeping to the style of music videos. ‘Hip Hop’ is another style taught in this class incorporating moves such as; The Cabbage Patch, Bart Simpson, Running Man, Milly Rock and many more. Children will also touch on styles such as; Afro Beats, Whacking, and Break Dancing.


For children who are looking for extra support to achieve their grades or on their way to professional dancing. Our one-to-one training is with a specialist coach to create dances to suit the Dancer and their level of technique.


Our duet is for two dancers to train together; these may have been selected to work together as they are at the same level or have similar looks to complement each other. The lessons focus on team work, timing and making sure the dancers keep focused and push each other.

Heels training:

This class is for children from the age of 12 and over. All lessons will be taught in heals the children and young adults will learn how to balance, walk and dance in heels to sassy music; keeping it current. All classes are taught to ability level.


There will be a competition DBA squad for freestyle dancers that can compete around the country and Europe including The World Championships and European Championships to name a few. This is all regulated through the ADFP (Association of Dance Freestyle Professionals) and BDC (British Dance Council)

There are different age groups and grades for ALL dancers. The grades are; Beginners, Starters, Intermediates, Championship and Premier Champ


There will also be a Festival/Elite DBA team who will take part in dance festivals across the midlands and the UK. Children will have the chance to compete in solo, duets, trios or as part of a troupe. Children will compete against other dance schools in the area.

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