DanceBugs classes enhance what you are teaching at your nursery and you can get your teachers trained to be able to offer it yourself.


Early Years Teacher Training Course

This one day interactive course is suitable for nursery teachers who have an interest in learning new skills for their nursery. They do not have to come from a dance background.


Teachers will learn:

  •  3 fun dance warm ups – all done to music, such as ‘The Excessive Game’ song by Mark D. pencil
  •  Basic stretches and limbering for 1-4 years
  • How to incorporate props into classes in a safe way (ribbons, scarves, Maracas, shakers, bells) to help children learn co-ordination
  • Basic dance steps and movements  – modern/freestyles
  • Nursery rhymes to sing and learn hand/body gestures to (5 songs)
  • Themes to use in class and how to link them to dance (5 examples)
  • DanceBugs specialist preschool / nursery class plans
  • A basic dance routine to a theme (little red riding hood, butterflies, Jungle)
  • Cool down ( stretches, breathing techniques, limbering)  


Course Outcomes

  • Feel confident in taking a dance class with pre-school / nursery children
  • Knowledge of the correct ways to warm up and cool down  – using only basic stretches and limbering work
  • Confident on how to engage children though dance and a themed class using props and dance steps
  • Knowledge of how to use nursery rhymes in a dance class to help develop fine & gross motor skills from hand gestures

Teachers will be supplied with a manual, handouts, class plan examples and certificate.

For more information or book, please contact us

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