We have both DanceBugs and DBA Freestyle classes.

The DanceBugs freestyle classes are from 4-7 years of age, these classes are from a beginner to an intermediate level and are taught through the IDTA syllabus.

Freestyle classes involve a mixture of dance and acrobatics, learning corner and floor work.

The classes are taught in a professional manor with qualified teachers in the subject, we will be pushing the children to gain better stamina, flexibility and strength though the lessons. In this hour class children will be in a happy, safe environment that is filled with positivity for them to learn and progress their skills. They will also have the chance to take examinations and participate in annual shows.

The DBA freestyle class is from 7 years up or alternatively selected by the teacher to join this class. There are two sections to this freestyle lesson where the children will learn freestyle in a slow and fast pace.

The slow section of freestyle class will focus on a mixture of contemporary and lyrical skills such as leaps, spins, and still including tricks. This is to show more control, expression and emotion with each movement. The fast part of the lesson is to upbeat music with lots of progressive movements from spins, kicks, tricks, jumps and much more.



  • Encourage both boys and girls

  • Provide a fantastic and fun introduction to dance

  • Give children the opportunity to progress through IDTA qualifications

  • Are an excellent form of exercise that improves strength, coordination, stamina and flexibility

  • Have class and coach ratios – consistent with childcare standards and guidelines

  • Introduce children to vital social skills

  • Allow children to express themselves positively

  • Are pressure free and lots of fun!




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