DanceBugs is an all-inclusive and part competitive sport the allows all children to learn in a pressure free environment through physical activities and creative movements.  DanceBugs focuses on building confidence, social interaction, stamina, flexibility and enhancing the learning experience. We strive to allow every child to develop and gain new skills at their own pace emotionally and physically. Our curriculum packages are designed to support/enhance teachers with their dance skills or cover for PPA. We have a number of themes to work alongside your curriculum topics.

Early years – KS1

DanceBugs sessions are taught through story-based adventures using the child’s imagination and creativity. The classes include different resources (such as ribbons, hoops, balls and mats) to develop fine and gross motor skills. Ribbons become pirates’ flags, balls become planets and hoops become duck ponds. The use of equipment allows children to experience both sensory and physical movements.


We ensure all children learn in a safe environment by teaching different dance and acrobatic techniques, as well as movement patterns, sequences ,skills and learning to hold and support their students correctly with the right body alignments. Helping teachers understand the correct position to hold in Acro for both boys and girls bodies as they are different when teaching and spotting for skills. Children will also be able to earn rewards such as child of the week certificates and medals.



Programs available:

Dance, acrobatics and cheerleading:

Working with select year groups, children are taught gymnastic skills that are required for school competitions through acro arts and British gymnastic syllabus. We can also create dance and cheerleading routines for school competitions, these include pathways, partner work, stunts, basis gymnastic elements and teaching basis timing and rhythm to the music to create a 1.5 minuet routine in both genres. This is for a minimum of 10 weeks.

Teacher training / CPD :

DanceBugs offer teacher training in Dance, Gymnastics and cheerleading.

Within the sessions your teacher will have access to our class plans for the sessions our teacher will take the first 5 sessions so that your teacher can see how we take a class and make it fun, safe and how it fits into the curriculum. Each week your teacher will help and learn the step and movements in the session, then the final 5 weeks of the booking your teacher will take lead with the guidance of our coach to help grow the teacher in confidence for the specific subject. 


Through our curriculum bases classes, we encourage children to be physically active and to engage in creative movement through dance and acrobatics. As part of this programme we get children prepared for competitive dance. This contributes towards national curriculum targets for performing dances using a range of movement patterns and developing balance, agility and coordination.

Extra curriculum clubs:

We offer fun and engaging breakfast, lunch and after school clubs to encourage children to be active and broaden their participation in physical activity.

Year 6 leavers assembly:

Dance routines are created for the leavers show using your school’s topics and themes to create a magical performance. This caters for children with or without previous dance knowledge allowing everyone involved the chance to showcase their dance movements and gymnastic skills. This will complete their primary school experience with a grand finale in front of all staff ad family member.    

DanceBugs subjects we offer:

  • Acrobatics 3 years up

  • Freestyle dance 2 years up

  • Street dance 2 years up

  • Hip hop dance 3 years up

  • B boy 3 years up

  • Cheerleading 3 years up

  • Boys specific acrobatics class 3 years up

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