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The Bugs Group

Our History

Starting in 1996 with YogaBugs and then adding FootieBugs in 2013, the Bugs Group has always been heavily involved in children's sporting coaching. In 2016, The Bugs Group had further extended its range of classes across different sports and physical activities – and were proud to announce the birth of DanceBugs and MultiBugs.

With Dance being one of children’s most popular activities – DanceBugs started to allow 1,000’s of happy children to express themselves through imagination and dance, learning new styles and routines in a pressure free environment.


FootieBugs and the FootieBugs Academy provide weekly football training to thousands of children, both in school time and on weekends and evenings. Children have progressed through the ranks and gone on to be signed by professional clubs!



DanceBugs provide weekly classes in Acro, Freestyle, Parent & Toddler with more styles to be added, check out our classes page to book a space for your child at a class near you.


YogaBugs was originally founded in 1996 in London as a way to help the creators stepson deal with nervousness and anxiety. Through the use of Yoga based stories, they were able to become more confident and able to interact. Demand for the classes was increased by the day, launching community classes and working in nurseries and schools, whilst also offering teacher training.


YogaBugs Virtual

Due to increased demand for classes, tightened budgets and the need for schools to support every child; YogaBugs set to work to develop an affordable & sustainable programme that would support the whole school’s mental and physical well-being …. YogaBugs Virtual was born!

Offering Pre Recorded Virtual Yoga & Mindfulness classes for every child from nursery to year 6, as well as mindfulness training and well-being resources for Staff and Parents, YogaBugs could now support everyone within the community at the click of a button and a fraction of the price!

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